Huge Fan of Fans

GOLD in 3D Design - creative circus student show 2018


My pal Sydney Lindsey and I designed a forum board for Cal McAllister from Wexley School For Girls. In interviews, Cal likes to call Wexley a "fan factory" rather than an agency. We decided to take that literally.

Wexley School - 5.jpg

Click play to spin me!

Behind The Scenes

A Seasoned Professional

I made my first commercial when I was 11 years old so I guess you could say I've been doing this whole advertising thing for a while. The budget was pretty small so the entire thing was written, filmed, and produced by me and my dad. Oh yeah, we starred in it too.

Sugar Coated Nos

You know what's better than saying yes to plans? Saying no. Get some Sugar Coated NOs and (politely) tell whoever that you'll be busy washing your hair that day. Patent Pending.

Gif Series